RADNOR™ PVA Evaporative Cooling Towel

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  • The RADNOR™ Evaporative Cooling Towel uses a super evaporative PVA material to absorb water to then allow it to evaporate slowly for instant, long-lasting cooling relief. This super-evaporative PVA material is designed to create a feeling colder than ambient air temperature and absorb and hold more water than other cooling towels on the market for a longer-lasting cooling. This neck cooling wrap can be used for hours or for quick relief and is completely reusable, just re-wet to activate.


  • INSTANT COOLING RELIEF €“ Run under water for one minute or until saturated, wring out excess water for drip free cooling
  • LONG LASTING €“ Can last for up to 4 hours on a single soak. Simply re-wet to increase cooling duration
  • HOW DOES IT WORK? €“ Cooling PVA material absorbs water and creates a cooling sensation as it evaporates
  • REUSABLE and MACHINE WASHABLE €“ Air dry until material is stiff, re-wet until soft. Machine washable with mild detergent, air dry only
  • HEAT STRESS PREVENTION €“ Reduces the effects of heat exhaustion and fights fatigue while working or playing in the heat. Can also be used to help bring down fevers, hot flashes or night sweats
  • SIZING €“ 13in x 29.5in / 33cm x 75cm

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