Sand Stakes - 12 Inches

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Beaches, deserts, and dunes - some of the best campsites have deep, sandy soil. With our steel sand stake, you'll always have a steady, secure shelter, despite loose sandy soils. We've started with a corrosion-resistant, durable stainless-steel body, and added wings to increase holding power. We've topped it with an oversized nail head, so you can really hammer it in, and included a large hook that accommodates multiple guy lines of different sizes.


  • 12" heavy steel stake with steel wings provides unparalleled holding power in sand and soft ground.
  • Large steel hook holds multiple and larger diameter ropes and guy lines.
  • Oversized nail head for hammering down anchor.
  • Can be used to stake down and anchor tents, canopies, tarps and much more!
  • Size: 12" (30.4cm)

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