Sangean-FM-RBDS / AM / USB / Bluetooth Digital Receiver


Color: Black
Sale price$238.00


  • Automatic And
  • Adjustable Backlight
  • Built-In Bluetooth Wireless Audio Streaming
  • Clock Available For FM RDS-CT
  • 2 Alarm Timer By Radio, Buzzer Or Media (by USB)
  • Settable Alarm Volume
  • HWS (Humane Wake System) Buzzer And Radio
  • Adjustable Nap Timer
  • Adjustable Sleep Timer
  • Snooze Function
  • Adjustable Tuning Step
  • USB MP3 / WMA Playback
  • Loudness On / Off
  • Dynamic Bass Compensation For Rich Bass
  • Rotary Bass And Treble Control
  • FM Stereo On Lineout And Headphone
  • 3-Inch 7W Full Range Speaker With Enlarged Magnet
  • I/O Jacks: DC-In, AC-In, Aux-In, Subwoofer Out, Headphone And FM F Terminal+ AM ANT-In (USA)
  • External Or Internal Antenna Selection
  • Fully Functional Infrared Remote Control

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