Single Burner Propane Stove

SKU: SS-200-SS

Sale price$27.71


Need a single burner for simple one pot camping meals? The Stansport Single Burner Propane Stove gets it done! The 7 ??ƒ?? low-profile square base sits sturdy on a table and the 5,000 BTU burner will cook all your favorite camping dishes. A control knob makes turning on/off or adjusting the flame easy and wind shields keep the flame going strong. Pack the compact Stansport Single Burner Propane Stove and get ready to cook a delicious camp meal with ease!

ƒ?› Durable heavy gauge steel with baked on enamel finish
ƒ?› Individual on/off control knob adjusts burner up to 5000 BTUƒ??s
ƒ?› Wind baffles supports cookware and shields burners
ƒ?› Low profile base for stability
ƒ?› Color: Black
ƒ?› Use with 16.4 oz disposable cylinders
ƒ?› Dimensions: 7-3 /4' x 7-3/4' x 3'
ƒ?› Fuel tanks and cylinders not included

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