Skullerz 8972LED Class C Cap-Style Hard Hat + LED Light - Ratchet Suspension

SKU: 60146

Color: White
Sale price$54.00


The Skullerz 8972 Class C Cap-Style Hard Hat + LED Light with 4-point suspension is heavy-duty, yet lightweight and comfortable head protection built to protect the top of the head from falling objects or bumping into stationary objects. A padded, moisture-wicking and odor-resistant sweatband and top pad lines the sides, forehead and top interior and is removable for easy replacement.

This cap-style brim can be worn backwards to improve upward visibility or forward to keep sun and rain away from the eyes.The open frame design in combination with the adjustable venting offers the best of both worlds: a cooler hard hat in the heat and a dry hard hat in the rain.


This safety helmet fits hat sizes 6.5 - 8 (21in “ 25 in / 53cm “ 63.5cm). Customize the size with the easy-to-adjust 4-point premium ratcheting suspension. Simply turn the one-handed adjustment knob to tighten or loosen the fit without having to take the hard hat off.

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