Skullerz 8993 Hard Hat Red Safety Light - Magnetic Beacon Light

SKU: 60214

Color: Black
Sale price$33.99


The Skullerz 8993 Hard Hat Red Safety Light easily attaches directly to any Skullerz Hard Hat or Safety Helmet light mount for use as a beacon light. When clipped to the back built-in mount, this safety light will throw light in four directions to keep workers visible and safe from far distances in low-light conditions.

This red safety light features a built-in magnet on the back for securely attaching the light to metal on the worksite or for storing when not attached to a hard hat or helmet. Simply detach from the built-in mounting bracket to use as a portable beacon light or to charge.

Designed for the utmost safety and visibility in a variety of environments, this red safety light has four working modes: high or high pulse for maximum light (22 lumens for 5 hours on high, 10 hours on high pulse) and low or low pulse for maximum life (4.9 lumens for 22 hours on low, 52 hours on low pulse). A one-button switch makes for easy switching between modes.

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