Squids 3002 Retractable Tool Lanyard - Locking Carabiner + Belt Loop - 2lbs

SKU: 19302

Color: Gray
Size: Standard
Sale price$26.00


The Squids 3002 Retractable Tool Lanyard features a hook & loop belt /harness attachment on one end, and an auto-locking carabiner connection on the other end. This retractable lanyard is designed to tether hand tools weighing up to 0.5lbs / 0.23kg in a retracted state and prevents tools weighing up to 2lbs / 0.9kg from becoming falling objects. When attached to a belt or harness, the low-profile design keeps the lanyard out of the user's way while working at heights. The retractable tethering cord is made of high-strength, lightweight and cut-resistant Dyneema to withstand the harshest conditions while limiting the weight a user carries with them. Textured for better grip and the tapered cord exit limits the potential of concrete or other debris being retracted back into the housing with the cord. Tested and qualified to the ANSI/ISEA 121 standard, these retractable tool lanyards have no equal.

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