Squids 3011 Retractable Tool Lanyard - Locking Carabiner + Swivel Carabiner Mount - 8lbs

SKU: 19311

Color: Black
Size: Standard
Sale price$44.99


The Squids 3011 Retractable Tool Lanyard is a lightweight and extremely durable tethering solution designed to mount to a D-ring user's belt or a separate anchor point. Using a retractable lanyard limits potential snag hazards compared to standard lanyards. This lanyard can tether tools weighing 0.5lbs / 0.23kg in a retracted state and prevents tools weighing 8lbs / 3.6 kg from falling on people or objects below when working at-heights.

The retractable tethering cord is made of high-strength, cut-resistant Dyneema with a protective sleeve over the exposed cord to reduce wear and tear for a longer life.


The anchoring end of the retractable features a swiveling carabiner connection for anchoring to d-rings or other locations. The connecting end of the cord has a patented Squids double-action carabiner to secure to a hand tool weighing up to 8lbs / 3.6 kg.

Tested and qualified to the ANSI/ISEA 121 standard, these retractable tool lanyards have no equal.

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