Squids 3129 Tool Lanyard - Double-Locking Swivel Carabiner + Loop - 40lbs

SKU: 19137

Color: Black
Size: Standard
Sale price$34.99


The Squids 3129 Tool Lanyard is a part of an overall fall protection plan to reduce the risk of falling objects and increase workplace safety. When working at-heights, it's essential to tether tools. High-capacity lanyards are a piece of safety equipment designed to attach one end securely to a fixed anchor point, and the other to an appropriate attachment point on a tool by proper tethering. These Tool Lanyards are built to withstand defined weight limits, and made easy to use by any worker to avoid accidentally dropping objects that could cause unwanted damage, injuries or possibly death.

The advanced technical design of the 3129 Tool Lanyard uses a heavy-duty, single-length, non-shock absorbing webbing. On one end of the 3129 Lanyard, there's a double-action locking carabiner that swivels, and on the other, there's a treaded loop for secure attachment. The double-action locking carabiner features a captive eye for maximum security.

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