Squids 3149 Tool Lanyard - XL Locking Carabiner + Swivel Carabiner - 80lbs

SKU: 19149

Color: Orange
Size: Standard
Sale price$73.49


The Squids 3149 Tool Lanyard features an extra-large locking carabiner on one end and a smaller double-locking swivel carabiner on the other end. Designed to attach one end to large tools weighing up to 80lb / 36kg and the other securely to a fixed anchor point (instead of the worker) to prevent heavy falling objects when working at heights.

The small carabiner end of the lanyard is designed to attach to burke bars, stressing rams and mag drills. The XL auto-locking carabiner is designed to be attached directly to the jobsite on rebar or handrails. The captive-eye carabiner design prevents the webbing from working its way into the gate of the carabiner and opening it while in use. It also prohibits users from detaching the carabiner and using it for other activities it is not rated for. The advanced technical design of this high-capacity lanyard uses a heavy-duty, single-length, non-shock absorbing webbing.

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