Squids 3420 Swiveling Glove Clip Holder - Dual Clips (100-Pack)

SKU: 19512-BULK

Color: Black
Sale price$260.39


The Squids 3420 Swiveling Glove Clip Holder with Dual Clips (100-Pack) securely grabs onto your face masks, gloves, ice traction, cooling towels, keys and whatever else always seems to mysteriously disappear so you can keep what you need at the ready. No more trying to stuff gloves in your pockets only to have one fall out and get lost. This glove holder features a patent-pending design with a swiveling link that allows it to rotate freely without getting bound up.

The strong gripping jaws can hold on to gloves, hats, keys, towels and other PPE that are too bulky to fit in pockets. Ideal for those who work in construction, warehouses, manufacturing, food processing plants, janitorial and even retail workers. Keeps gloves and other gear handy for off-the-clock use, too, like hunting, hiking, home projects and more.

The link design allows one end of the gear grabber to safely separate in case of emergency.

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