Squids 3810 Tool Attachment Sizing Gauge

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Color: White
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The Squids 3810 Tool Attachment Sizing Gauge helps those tasked with applying Squids Tool Attachments by measuring the dimensions of the tools being tethered. Perfect for sizing up the diameters of screwdrivers, hex keys and other small hand tools for applying attachments like Squids Hand Tool Slips, Self-Adhering Tape Traps, and Cold Shrink Traps.

The pre-measured holes on the gauge allow the user to quickly thread a tool through it up to 0.5in / 1.3cm. Got a tool wider than that? No problem, the ruler ends of the tool gauge can measure up to 8in / 20cm.

This clever device can also measure screw ports on drills, grinders, and other power tools to size up the proper fasteners for attaching Squids Power Tool Brackets. The pegs on the ends of the gauge mimic the M2.5, M3, M4, M8 and M10 fasteners that come with the brackets.

Use the connecting hole to hang it on a carabiner or simply throw it in your pocket to carry it with you on the job.

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