TREX 6325 Spikeless Traction Devices

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Color: Black
Size: M
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TREX Spikeless Traction Devices for shoes reduce the risk of slips and injuries by providing spike-free traction on water, ice and snow. Powered by Soles by Michelin, these are the industry's most advanced spikeless traction device. Designed for work environments where spiked ice cleats are not preferred, these shoe and boot grips make for easy and safe transition between indoor and outdoor.

To achieve traction without spikes, the treads are constructed with a Michelin ice control compound”the same innovative technology found in their winter driving tires.

Strategically placed grooves allow for efficient water evacuation when pressure is applied. Preventing water build up is particularly beneficial on smooth indoor surfaces. 

Micro-pumps increase adhesion by properly distributing pressure to maintain high surface contact on icy surfaces. 

The tread is designed with block sipings that create additional surface area for increased grip on snowy surfaces. 

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