Kovea Expedition

SKU: WS-08-507

Sale price$101.63


Product Specifications

Ignigtion Type: Automatic (One-touch Piezo)
Compatible Fuel Type: Iso-Butane & Butane
Cartridge Type: Screw Type Gas Canister & Nozzle Type Gas Canister
Fuel Consumption: 140g/h (1,680 kcal / 6,572BTU / 1.93kW)
Boil Time: Approx 5 minutes
Weight: 15.9 oz
Dimensions: 14.00 x 9.00 x 14.50 cm
Product Benefits

The ignition plate makes ignition easy and maximizes power, as wind breakers operate the pot supports
Anti-flare system prevents non-vaporization and combustion at 0.5

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