Youth Gold Panning Kit

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There's gold in them hills, and you've gotta find it! Kids will love panning for gold with this Youth Gold Panning Kit, and it also offers them the opportunity to learn all about the California Gold Rush while they're at it. This kit comes complete with everything a real prospector needs, including a real 10.5” gold pan, a snuffer bottle, tweezers, a hand trowel and a jar with a magnifier to marvel at their loot. You never know what you'll find, so stake your claim and get to digging!


  • Set Includes: 10.5” Gold Pan, Snuffer Bottle, Jar with magnifier, Tweezers and Hand Trowel
  • Have your children join the fast-growing group of passionate, modern-day gold seekers
  • Re-live the gold rush days of the old west
  • Fun & educational

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