Yukon Deluxe Gold Panning Kit with Pick

SKU: SS-602-100-SS

Sale price$58.99


ƒ?› Join the fast-growing group of passionate, modern-day gold seekers
ƒ?› Re-live the gold rush days of the old west
ƒ?› Fun & educational

ƒ?› 10.5' Gold Pan
ƒ?› 14' Gold Pan
ƒ?› Prospectorƒ??s Rock Pick
ƒ?› 2 Gold Vials 1 oz. and 1/2 oz. containers
ƒ?› Stainless Steel Precision Tweezers with 1ƒ?? magnifier
ƒ?› Hand Trowel
ƒ?› Classifier
ƒ?› Snuffer Bottle
ƒ?› ƒ??Gold Feverƒ?? Book

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