Be Prepared - Essential Products For Your Earthquake Emergency Kit
It seems that each time we visit a news site it is filled with headlines that feature the devastation caused by natural disasters. These disasters seem to be affecting ordinary people more often - and the severity of these natural disasters seems to be increasing.

Disasters can come in many forms, including severe weather such as hurricanes, runaway fires - and earthquakes. But, no matter the type of disaster that strikes the key to weathering its effects is preparedness. If you and your family live in an earthquake-prone region then having a well-stocked emergency earthquake kit is vital. So if you want to stay safe in the immediate aftermath of an earthquake, here are some of the essential products that should be in your earthquake emergency kit.

Hydration Supplies

Any survival expert will be quick to point out that people can survive far longer without food than they can without water. In an earthquake, it is more than likely that your central supply of fresh water will be interrupted. Make sure that you have enough water to last a week. A good rule of thumb is to allow one gallon of water per individual per day. Remember to factor in pets. This amount of water will give you enough to stay hydrated, perform some simple cooking tasks, and remain acceptably hygienic. One gallon, environmentally friendly plastic containers make ideal storage containers - but for convenience you can use containers that are up to five gallons - but remember, you are going to have to move them around. Add a bit of variety by having some flavoring sachets or sports drink powder at hand.

Food and Nutrition

Ensure that your party will have enough food to last as long as your water supply - one week. You will in all likelihood be sheltering in your own home post-quake, so storage space will not be your overriding concern - but your food supplies need to boast exceptional shelf life. A great choice is a supply of the civilian versions of 'Meals Ready to Eat'. These are pre-packaged military-style rations that require only the addition of boiling water to prepare. Preparation is as simple as adding a few drops of water to the chemical heater pouch that is supplied with each meal. The meals are also often supplied with condiments, snacks, beverage mixes and even eating utensils. These MREs are available in a vast number of styles and flavors.

The alternative to these types of survival rations is are that old-fashioned standby, tinned and pre-packaged goods. You can exercise your imagination but be sure to include protein and energy-packed items such as tuna, sardines, canned meats, canned veggies and fruit, peanut butter, ready-to-eat noodles, and sauce and stews. Some energy bars as a treat and for variety are a good idea - and don't forget baby formula if there is an infant in your party. The same applies to foods that are suitable for diabetics.

Medical Supplies

As if the earthquake wasn't bad enough you may very well have to deal with injuries that occurred when the shaking was taking place and any that may occur during the time you are sheltering in place. You can purchase some extremely well-stocked emergency medical kits from both big box retailers and outdoor stores - and there are some great deals online. You could also make up your own. Don't forget to pack medication for those who might be suffering from chronic conditions.

There are other products and supplies that can make riding out the hours and perhaps days after an earthquake more bearable for you and your loved ones. Remember to pack kitchen utensils, including cutlery and crockery - and blankets to ensure that the members of your party are comfortable and warm. Also make sure to have a source of light, with battery or gas-powered as your mains electricity will likely be interrupted.

The key to remaining safe in the aftermath of an earthquake is preparation. By including some readily available earthquake emergency products you can ensure that both you and your loved ones emerge from the experience safely.
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